About us – LivegentleUS


Every Hero Needs The Right Gear

Our enterprise is devoted to everyday heroes. You are one. Even if we rarely think about it, our routine is packed with tasks. Seemingly impossible to accomplish in the quarter of a day that we don’t spend on working or sleeping.

And still, you make it through the day. Using all of your energy resources, you combat your weaker self on a daily basis. Life is tough.

But shouldn’t life be the opposite of tough? Shouldn’t you live gently? Efficiency is the key. We don’t use flintstones to create fire anymore. We have lighters to spark a flame in a second. Why not using the science’s latest accomplishments in every other life sphere?

This question is what impelled us to create the innovation fair called “livegentle”. It’s not a simple marketplace. It’s the connecting link between scientific savants and you, the day-to-day hero.

Think bigger

May it be lipgloss, may it be a cleaning device, may it be some kind of crazy freestyle sporting equipment: All our products have one thing in common - they provide a solution by thinking outside the box.

Think about an arduous task, think about something you can not accomplish by yourself - is there really no solution? You may look at some of the innovative, convenient and exquisite products we selected.

Hopefully, you will be as amazed as we were when we discovered them at some of the world’s most progressive labs.

Grow gently

Sometimes you don’t need a debilitating diet to lose weight. And there’s a way to make your pets clean the floor.

Improve your life gently. Or astonish your friends with a gift.

You have a question about our products? Want to know when a brand new version of a product will be released? Want to track your order? Contribute some praise or criticism? Don’t be shy and write our customer support. They will be happy to help you and provide everything you need for a gentle purchasing and using experience.